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December 17

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We discussed news structure, the third concept in our news writing unit. Students had time to work on ongoing assignments: interview assignment 2, InDesign practice 1, and sources assignment 2 (a scavenger hunt). These are all due before the winter break.

Homework: work on sources assignment 2.

December 13

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Students were out of school December 10-12 for inclement weather.

In the short class, students had lab time to work on ongoing assignments.
Adjusted due dates:
Interview activity 2 due Dec. 17; InDesign practice 1 due Dec. 19 — computers are available before school, after school and at A lunch for completing that assignment.
I assigned a new sources activity, a scavenger hunt to work on skills in research and finding sources.

Homework: finish interviewing activity 2

December 6

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Students continued work on recent assignments in class: Interview assignment 1 was due today, as was Sources Activity 1. Students still have time to work on InDesign practice 1, due Dec. 12, and interview assignment 2, due Dec. 10.

Homework: make progress on interview assignment 2

December 4

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Students reviewed notes on news sources and we watched a sample interview and some interviewing advice from Katie Couric. Students had time to work on ongoing assignments: 1) InDesign practice 1 [due Dec. 12], 2) interviewing assignment 1 [due Dec. 6], 3) news sources practice 1 [due Dec. 6], and 4) interviewing assignment 2 [due Dec. 10].

Homework: work on developing questions for interviewing assignment 2 and on typing up questions/responses from interviewing assignment 1.

November 30

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Students took their news values quiz. After the quiz, they had lab time to work on 1) InDesign 1, 2) their practice interviews or 3) notes and an about sources.

Homework: type up questions and notes from your practice interview.