January 15

Posted: January 16, 2019 in Uncategorized

We did entry #7 of the daily news journal. We will do two more entries, and I’ll collect journals for the last time this quarter Jan. 22. We finished reviewing Leads Practice 3 in class. In the lab time of class, students should have completed and turned in draft 2 of the wreck story, worked on Leads Activity 4 (which they will turn in), or revisions of the InDesign practice 1. Some students made revisions to or completed the Front Page design project part 1; and some were ready to move on to part 2, which is creating the design on the computer.

Homework: Finish Leads Activity 4, finish any drafts, and make sure your Front Page design part 1 is complete so that you can move on to part 2 next class.

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